Remake Remodel Tame Imapla Night

Recent imports from North of the border Remake Remodel have been thrilling crowds in the basement with a hefty mix of alt rock classics, punk, psych rock, rock’n’roll, alt pop, grunge and all the other good stuff. Having expanded from their night in Manchester, they’re bringing something  a little bit different to Techno-centric Glasgow and Glasgow seems to like it. Their next night will focus on the affable Australian psych-rock band Tame Impala.

The night will not only be playing all the Tame Imapala classics but there will also be free posters and Tame Imapala installations. It’ll be Tame Imapala-mania, woah! There will also be a second floor with a guest DJ upstairs . But don’t worry if Tame Impala ain’t you bag, they’ll also be playing all the favourites through out the night.

Get down to the basement on the 31st of March from 10pm, more details and Facebook event here.