Putting on events at Stereo…

Hi there and a big welcome to Stereo from the event programmers, Iain and Cat.

Please have a read below to find info about the venue and facilities, and the kind of things we like to do.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, or you want to contact us about an event or idea , see the contact email addresses below.


About the programme

As programmers at Stereo we work with people to activate this space as part of a network of cultural and political activity across Glasgow City. We love working with musicians, artists, promoters, activists, people on (their) events, contributing to and supporting their ideas and working to collectively challenge notions of what is possible.

We collaborate with other venues and share resources and information whenever we can. We don’t compete! We are trying to take some responsibility for the way musicians and artists are paid / the way we pay musicians and artists. We believe that active, ethical, open (public) spaces need to be made (again).

We believe in the transformative power of music, art and community.

About the venue

The main venue in Stereo is a 300 capacity gig and club space situated in the basement of the building. Our PA is fully spec’ed for LOUD and CLEAR club sets, and for complex acoustic set-ups. The room and lighting are versatile – our multiple fabric wall and ceiling screens allow the space to change to accommodate large and small events. We regularly programme gigs, clubs, film screenings, book launches, debates and other things that evade description.

To hire the venue or to discuss your event:

for gig/event inquiries contact Iain Findlay-Walsh  on monostereomutations@gmail.com

for club/event inquiries contact Catriona Reilly on catfromstereo@gmail.com