Wed 1st Nov... Africa in Motion presents: Reconfigured Rhythms - Fonko Screening and Club Night

Reconfigured Rhythms is an evening inspired by the music documentary Fonko. The evening will comprise of a free (and ticketed) screening of Fonko, and will be followed by a club night inspired by the film, soundtracked by the diverse sounds of Africa past and present, with DJ sets from Abayomi Folahan and Sarra Wild (OH141). Tickets for the club night cost £5 and can be purchased on the Africa in Motion website. Tickets for the club night will also be available on the door. More info below...


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Merging urban club sounds with traditional African music, Fonko tells stories of Africa as heard from some of the most innovative musicians on the continent. With a voiceover by Nigerian icon Fela Kuti, Fonko explores the dual influence politics and music can have on each other and how contemporary African musicians are drawing on history to influence the future. Featuring interviews with musicians such as Nneka and Sister Fa, Fonko is a stimulating look at the deeply intertwined relationship between musical expression and politics and how music can be used as a weapon to reclaim power.