Gerry Loves Records presents:

Adam Stafford - Reverse Drift launch

Stereo, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: over 18s only

Adam Stafford live, with special guests.

Adam Stafford is an experimental pop master. After last year's Taser Revelations embraced the 'pop' end of that spectrum, he's back at the 'experimental' end for his latest project. REVERSE DRIFT is the kind of multimedia experiment he was always meant to make: a 48-page photobook paired with a 40-minute recording.

The beautiful photobook features 24 landscape photographs by Adam, taken over a period of 18 years, 1999-2017.

The single composition in three movements was recorded live and semi-improvised in one take with no overdubs and was created only with a synthesizer, a sequencer, some effects pedals and Adam's voice.

Released on Gerry Loves Records on 30th June 2017.

Reverse Drift: when too much ice thaws and breaks next to an ocean or river it makes the water run backwards.

Adam Stafford is a musician and filmmaker from Falkirk. Formerly of the group Y'all is Fantasy Island, he issued two experimental a capella albums, "Awnings" and "Miniature Porcelain Horse Emporium" in 2009 before releasing his debut studio set "Build a Harbour Immediately" in 2011. He followed with two more experimental pop albums on Song, by Toad Records, an experimental improv cassette EP and a pop banger single on Gerry Loves Records, and also composed and performed original music for Alan Bissett's one-man show 'What The Falkirk'.

His film work include short "The Shutdown" (2009) written by Scottish author and playwright Alan Bissett, the video for The Twilight Sad's single "Seven Years of Letters" (2010), and "No Hope For Men Below" (2013), a poetic reinterpretation of The Redding Pit Disaster of Falkirk 1923, written in Broad Scots by local poet and author Janet Paisley. He is currently trying to write a horror film set in 1993, about a maintenance train driver who infiltrates a Norse Black Metal cult in the rural North of Scotland.