October Highlights: Interview with Hannah & Rose (Pipe Dreams) Wednesday 19 October

Stereo favourites Hannah Read and Rose Manson are back this week with another instalment of Pipe dreams. If you believe that club nights should be all about good tunes minus the chin stroking you’ll live it. We got them to shed some light on what they’re all about before the night.

What can We expect from the night?

A b2b disco until one of us gets too excited and drops some R’n’B. Rose will let me do a half hour of euro dance until she can no longer restrain herself from paying tribute to the great uk tradition that is funky house. it’s like a 70s disco, your aunts wedding after 4am, and the house parties you dreamed of going to when you were 14.

Why did you start the night?
We started the night because a Subcity pairing led to us playing Joceyln Brown and the Pussycat Dolls in a 45 minute set and we wanted more so many people love these tunes but through some sort of embarrassed “ironic” lens we present them in a cringe free environment

floor filler?

As a genre we are keen. as a compilation cd, we already own it.

floor killer?
Surprisingly, and heartbreakingly; My My My by Armand Van Helden cause it just never really goes anywhere

Do you feel the club scene is changing club scene?

Certain venues (Stereo, Art School) are definitely catalysing positive change in the scene and other venues are starting to take notice and follow suit. Another really positive thing we’ve noticed is not just an increase in female djs but in female promoters as well (Push It, OH141) and we’re excited to be part of that. Another aspect is about how everything is on vinyl, often seen as the premise of more pretentious purists, there are connotations that great vinyl djs play rare white label expensive things so to us it’s so funny to be able to play something as uncool and popular as the Sugababes on this format and watching people trying to reconcile the fact that we’re using Technics with the fact that they’re hearing some Freemasons song is really funny to us.

Who inspires you?

Aside from all the obvious big name female djs, we’re most indebted to all the other women who are in this with us (Sophie reilly, Sophie Kindreich etc) not just as djs and promoters but also all of our female friends who are passionate about techno, the bounce, clubbing, and the $e$h

What have you got planned for the future?

Continuing our line of parties and release a white label limited edition pink vinyl of our favourite Cheryl Cole singles. Also Rose saw some pink technics one time and we need them.

Have a wee listen to their pre-party Pipe Hype show on Subcity and get in the mood and catch the night this Thursday at Stereo